Hand Pressure Points: Chart and Uses

Hand Pressure Points: Chart and Uses

Essential Things To Know About Hand Pressure Points

Our bodies are covered by a whole network of pressure points. Some believe that by applying pressure on these points we can influence the different organs in our body, as well as our overall health and wellbeing.

There's not enough research to support the statement that pressing on these points can help someone heal. Nevertheless, some studies focus on acupuncture, a therapy that uses needles instead of pressure.

The practice of applying pressure on these points is free from risk and noninvasive, being therefore safe to use in combination with medical treatments.

Healing therapies based on acupressure and reflexology also make use of these pressure points.

If you're interested in acupressure or reflexology, you should know that hands have a big number of such pressure points. Here's more information on these hand pressure points you may want to know more about.

The Definition Of Pressure Points

Pressure points are spots on the human body that correspond to the acupressure points traditional Chinese medicine is based upon. Practitioners of traditional medicine in China shared the belief that applying pressure on these special points stimulates the energy flow through the body.

Nowadays there are still practitioners who use these therapies, despite the lack of scientific studies to prove their effectiveness.

Hand Pressure Points

Here are the most important hand pressure points reflexologists use for treating their patients:

Lung Meridian

The lung meridian starts by the tip of the thumb and it descends along the edge of the palm to stop just beyond the wrist crease.

The science of reflexology states that applying pressure on any sore spot along the lung meridian can help to alleviate the symptoms of cold such as sneezing, sore throat, and fever chills.

Heart 7

Heart 7 is a point located on the wrist, nearby the tiny bone that aligns with the little finger. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners name this point "The Spirit Gate."

Applying pressure to Heart 7 helps to alleviate a wide array of problems such as:

  • anxiety, 
  • depression,
  • insomnia, 
  • heart disease.

Inner Gate Point

The inner gate point is located in the center of the wrist, an inch down from the wrist crease. You can find it by using three fingers to get an approximate measure of one inch.

According to most practitioners, you should apply pressure to this point by gently massaging it with the thumb of your other hand. This action should alleviate nausea, stomach aches, as well as a range of other digestive troubles.

Hand Valley Point

The hand valley point is located between the thumb and the index finger. 

Apparently, by applying pressure to this spot you can stop migraines and pain, and also reduce stress and anxiety. You can use this technique to help to relieve:

  •  shoulder pain
  • Toothaches
  • neck pain

Outer Gate Point

If you've found your inner gate point, you can easily find the outer gate point just between the two tendons on the top side of your arm.

Practitioners recommend using this point to increase one's vital energy levels and to boost their immune system.

Base Of Thumb Point

You can determine the location of the base of thumb point by prolonging the direction of the thumb down its palm side until it reaches the wrist crease.

According to reflexologists, applying gentle pressure on this point can help with respiratory problems and breathing difficulties.

Small Intestine 3

The small intestine 3 sits on the side of the hand, below the little finger, and just above the first large crease of the hand.

Applying firm pressure on this spot contributes to the alleviation of headaches, neck pain, and earache.

Ten Dispersions

Each of the tips of your ten fingers is one of these ten dispersion points.

Acupuncture or pressure therapy on these points might alleviate flu symptoms such as sore throat and high fever.

According to some practitioners, applying pressure on these points can help to treat epilepsy symptoms or coma.

Four seams

The four seams are on the inside of the four big joints in the four fingers other than the thumb.

Acupressure therapists believe that these points are very effective in treating digestive troubles, particularly in children.

Are Pressure Points As Effective As Advertised?

Unfortunately, there are too few peer-reviewed studies to show the healing effects and the benefits of using pressure points. Most results we know about today are anecdotal. The sheer evidence we can rely on comes from traditional medicine.

If you're keen on giving acupressure or reflexology a try, you can do it safely. There are no side effects to such therapies. In the worst-case scenario, you can end up with local pain that will fade away after a few hours.


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Keep in mind, though, that you should continue using your regular doctor-recommended treatments. Furthermore, you may want to discuss with your doctor the intention of using pressure therapies at home, with or without our special devices.

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