Benefits of using the PSO-RITE Products By Mac Mollohan and Dr. Suzanne Chavez, D.C.

Benefits of using the PSO-RITE Products By Mac Mollohan and Dr. Suzanne Chavez, D.C.

Why was the PSO-RITE created?


I didn’t like the current selection of self massage tools on the market and I wanted a tool that could massage all areas of my body. Specifically to help with my lower back and hip issues I was struggling with. I also designed it because there was no current massage tool to get into the most complicated muscle in the body which is the Psoas or Iliopsoas. The Iliopsoas is made up of three muscles (Iliacus, Psoas major and Psoas minor).  This is a dynamic muscle that when healthy properly cared for can be a powerful support system for the whole body, and when ignored or injured can wreak havoc in the body.


Here is a breakdown of the three muscles which make up the Iliopsoas. The Iliacus connects your lower body (lesser trochanter of the femur) to your midsection (inside the pelvis: iliac fossa). The Psoas major connects your lower body (originates in the same place as the iliacus at the lesser trochanter of the femur) to your upper body (lumbar spine: connects to L1 to L4) and the Psoas minor (which is absent in 60% of the population) connects your mid section (pelvis) to your upper body (Lumbar spine -T12-L1).  This is just a basic breakdown of all the joints and areas the Psoas connects to and its integral part in the body. Problems with the Psoas can manifest with issues in the digestive tract, emotional distress, diaphragm distress, hip, knee, low back and abdominal pain to name a few.


Why is the PSO-RITE designed with two peaks?



It was designed to mimic the way a massage therapist would use their body to massage a client. And since this was designed to be your personal massage therapist I wanted it to be able to give you all these different options. Specifically the peaks of the Pso-Rite are based on the outline and thickness of the hand. The sides of the peaks mimic the forearm and the corners mimic the elbow. The stable structure gives you the freedom no matter the size of your body to target any part of the body that has muscle tension.

The Pso-Mini design mimics your two fingers or the thumb. This little guy is the finger/thumb that doesn’t get tired. You can use this all over your body and throw it in your purse or backpack and stay healthy while you travel abroad or stuck in traffic.


The Pso-Key design mimics the tip of your finger. This helps with getting into those tiny muscle fiber in your jaw, hands, elbows, forearms, knees and feet.

These different designs help you target all areas of your body, making it the most versatile self massage tool on the market. There is no excuse to not have a massage tool on hand at all times. Who wouldn’t want that? This is crucial when you are pain and need help fast. Who hasn't been there, right? If there is an area on your body that is giving you discomfort, you need to massage that area right now! Not in a couple of days, right when you are feeling discomfort. By massaging the area as soon as possible you don’t let your body accumulate inflammation and tension and ultimately create imbalances and injuries. This will also help with speeding up your recovery and general self care as well as help you take your health into your own hands.  


Who is the PSO-RITE for?

  • Normal healthy adults who want to improve their physical performance
  • People who sit all day and work on a computer
  • ALL athletes
  • Kids 13 or older and 65 or younger



What does the PSO-RITE do?

  • Increases circulation, relaxation and warmth to the muscles, and increases mobility. The PSO-RITE is used for muscle lengthening and joint decompression, which enhances physical performance. It also adds range of motion by releasing tension in the muscle allowing the joint to have more space, increasing mobility/movement.
  • What is releasing?  the cross link adhesions between the muscle fibers.
  • Increasing Capacity which will increase your Performance


Where do you use PSO-RITE?

  • Everywhere: Hip flexor, psoas, lower back, shoulder, neck etc.
  • Along any muscle group that surrounds the joints.


When should you use the PSO-RITE?

  • As everyday self-care to maintain your mobility
  • To prepare your body for a workout
  • During a workout to help work in a pain free range of motion.
  • To help recover after a workout


Why would you use the PSO-RITE?

  • To increase mobility, and circulation which allows the body to optimally heal and recover.


How do you use the PSO-RITE?

  • Three basic levels:
  • Level 1). Light - Circulation/Exploration-  keep it playful, very light to scan the body.
  • Level 2). Medium - Preparation/Relaxation - Warms up the tissue for a workout or individualized sport.
  • Level 3). Heavy - Mobilization/Recovery - Release scar tissue, increases mobility, and helps with post-workout recovery.


If ________ then ___________


  • The pressure is to much ---> use a towel and place over top of the peaks or place the PSO-RITE on softer surface like an airex pad or change positions and start back at light movement to build up circulation and move to medium and then hard but don’t rush it.
  • I feel a heartbeat ---> back off and move the peak to a different area
  • You feel numbness ---> you are pressing too hard and need to move to a different area.   
  • A position is uncomfortable ---> try massaging the same area in different positions i.e) if you are working on your lower back and laying down is to much then try placing the PSO-RITE against the back of your chair or lean up against a wall.
  • When you apply pressure your face scrunches up or you can’t breathe normally ---> back off and focus on deep breathing and visualize the area you are pressing into slowly releasing.                                                                    
  • You are about to play a game in your sport ---> you need to apply level 1 and 2  and not level 3. Level 1+2 will help you increase circulation and warm up the tissue. This is key when playing a sport. Level 3 will throw off your mechanics during the game. Level 3 needs to be applied after practice/game to help with the recovery.
  • Medical condition/surgery/hardware in body ---> you should talk to your doctor before you use the PSO-RITE.
  • You are Kid age 0-13 ---> you don’t use the PSO-RITE.
  • You are older than 65 --->  you don’t use the PSO-RITE.
  • You are pregnant ---> you don’t use the PSO-RITE.


Top 5 Common Errors people do when using the PSO-RITE

  1. Pressing too hard right away -  if you start cursing, make a face or can’t maintain normal breath then go slower and focus on breathing.
  2. Not breathing deeply - you or your client aren’t aware of their body. For example if you are working on your Psoas, lay on their back and place the Pso-Rite on their stomach focus on pushing up the PSO-RITE (clockwise circles around the abdomen can also have relaxing effect on the intestines and also give more space for diaphragm). This will wake up your diaphragm.  
  3. Not using Test/Massage/Retest Method - This is a must when using the PSO-RITE. This is how you will see the increase in mobility.  
  4. Inconsistency - Not use it before, during or after their training sessions. Not  understanding that mobility makes movement possible.
  5. Proper Learning Curve-Not taking the time to understand each level and how to apply to your body.


For more information on How-To use and purchase the PSO-RITE products go to:

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Store- Psoas Muscle Massager 

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