PSO-RITE is the newest self massage tool on the market. Its patented design mimics the hand and elbow of a massage therapist.

PSO-RITE's patented design mimics the hand and elbow. This makes it way more effective for pressing deep into muscles than any other massage tool.

Yes. Go slow and focus on deep breathing.

Check out our How-To videos here.

Before you go to bed, when you wake up, before your workout, during and after. 

Yes, use it all over your body to help improve your range of motion throughout the day.

Yes. Using the PSO-RITE before your workouts helps with increased range of motion, which improves performance.

Yes. Using the PSO-RITE after your workout helps with recovery. Massaging the area you just worked out helps with introducing new blood flow and releasing toxins. 

Yes. It helps increase blood flow throughout your body, which helps with increased mental alertness.

The psoas (pronounced so-as) is your core muscle and an integral part of a centered and functional body.

The psoas muscle is the most complex muscle in the body. It connects the lower body to the pelvic area, the pelvic area to the lower lumbar spine and the lower lumbar spine to the upper body.

As a major player in back issues, knee issues and tight hip sockets, it is often an exhausted psoas that disrupts range of motion, as well as digestion and bladder functioning. 

The psoas connects the lower half of your body to the upper half. If your psoas is tight it will pull on your lower back.

Lie on your elbows and place the PSO-RITE inline with your belly button. Slowly lie on top of the PSO-RITE and start breathing in and out, nice and slow. Make sure nothing feels funny or uncomfortable. If you experience discomfort, back off and move to a different spot on your mid-section.


Yes, PSO-RITE's design is patented.

If you are unsatisfied at any time for any reason, you can return your PSO-RITE for a full refund. If it doesn't meet your standards please tell customer service why and we will do our best to make it right. We want 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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